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We are an independent IT distribution company with years of experience in the world of IT hardware.

Richardson, Texas, we have a warehouse with inventory of multi millions and provide services to customers around the world. Our staff is professionally trained and equipped with industry standards to inspect products thoroughly and provide quality service to our customers. Customer service is our top priority as we try to provide the best prices for the products of refurbished and new products. We know the importance of your time and money so we work towards fostering the best service possible. Our products are safe and thoroughly inspected for your convenience.

We buy and sell IT server related products to a wide range of customers and are always looking for new cliental. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our customers as their satisfaction is most important to us. We will work to your satisfaction because we conduct our business to the highest possible standard. It is vital to us that you are satisfied with not only the product but the service that we provide because we pursue excellence.

We understand that satisfied customers are the key to a successful business so we will continue to strive for customer satisfaction and unmatched productivity. Our goal is to evolve and transform to give you the best products for the best prices; that’s why we hire the most equipped staff that is professionally trained to certify quality products.

Our company philosophy is hard work and progress because we know we must change as the world around us develops. We know the importance of a favorable working environment and we adhere ourselves to the highest standard. We are pleased with what we have established and accomplished as a company and are here to show you why; it’s our utmost responsibility to help you in your needs and certify your approval.