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Brand: AMD
AMD Opteron 4176 HE 6 Core 2.40GHz 6MB 65W ProcessorPart Number:0S41760FU6DG0Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores6Clock Speed2.40GHzCache6MBOutput Power65WConditions:Used..
Ex Tax:$24.99
Brand: AMD
AMD Opteron 2218 Dual-Core 2.60GHz 1MB 95W ProcessorPart Number:0SA2218GAA6CXProduct Type:ProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores2Clock Speed2.60GHzCache1MBOutput Power95WConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$9.99
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7262 8-Cores 3.2GHz 128MB 155W Processor **NO VENDOR LOCK**Part Number:100-000000041Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores8Clock Speed3.20GHzCache128MBOutput Power155WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$238.99
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7452 32-Core 2.35GHz 128M 155W ProcessorPart Number:100-000000057Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores32Clock Speed2.35GHzCache128MOutput Power155WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$849.00
Brand: AMD
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core 3.70 GHz 70MB 105W Socket AM4 ProcessorPart Number:100-000000061Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores12Clock Speed3.70GHzOutput Power105WConditions:Factory Sealed..
Ex Tax:$349.00
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7542 32-Cores 2.90GHz 128MB 225W Processor "NO VENDOR LOCK"Part Number:100-000000075 W/ TRAYProduct TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores32Clock Speed2.90GHzCache128MBOutput Power225WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$649.00
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7352 24-Core 2.30GHz 128MB 155W Processor **NO VENDOR LOCKED**Part Number:100-000000077Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDClock Speed2.30GHzNumber Of Cores24Cache128MBOutput Power155WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$359.00
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7R32 48-Core 2.80GHz 192MB 280W Processor **NO VENDOR LOCKED**Part Number:100-000000091Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores48Clock Speed2.80GHzCache192MBOutput Power280WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$679.00
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7F52 16-Core 3.50GHz SP3 256MB 240W ProcessorPart Number:100-000000140Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores16Clock Speed3.50GHzCache256MBOutput Power240WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$417.99
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7R13 48-Core 2.65GHz 280W Processor *NO VENDOR LOCKED*Part Number:100-000000311Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores48Clock Speed2.65GHzOutput Power280WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$949.00
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7763 64-Core 2.45GHz 280W ES Processor *NO VENDOR LOCKED*Note: Item is Engineering SamplePart Number:100-000000314-04Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores64Clock Speed2.45GHzOutput Power280WConditions:Used..
Ex Tax:$1,099.00
Brand: AMD
AMD EPYC 7413 24-Core 2.65GHz 128MB SP3 180W ProcessorPart Number:100-000000323Product TypeProcessorBrandAMDNumber Of Cores24Clock Speed2.65GHzCache128MBOutput Power180WConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$790.00
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