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Brand: IBM
IBM 1824 Quad Port 1Gbps Host Ethernet Adapter W/ Long BracketNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:00E1380 W/ Long Bracket / D77263 / 00E1381Product Type:Ethernet AdapterBrandIBMNumbers Of Port4Transfer Rate1GbpsConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$16.90
Brand: IBM
IBM Emulex 8GB Dual Port PCI-E X4 Fibre Host Bus Adapter W/ Short BracketNote: Item Comes With Short BracketPart Number:00JY848 / LPE12002Product TypeHost Bus AdapterBrandIBM EmulexData Transfer Rate8GBInterfacePCI-E X4Number Of Ports2Form FactorPlug-In CardConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$19.90
Brand: IBM
IBM Emulex 2GB Single Port PCI-X LC Fibre Channel Adapter W/ Long BracketNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:00P4297 W / LONG BRACKET / 00P4295Product TypeFibre Channel AdapterBrandIBMInterfacePCI-XNumber Of Ports2-PortData Transfer Rate2GbpsConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$14.60
Brand: IBM
IBM PCI 2GB 64-Bit Fibre Channel Host Bus AdapterNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:00P4495 W-LONG BRACKET - 00P4494 - H12507Product Type:HBABrandIBMData Transport Rate2GBInterfacePCInumber of Port1Form FactorPlug-In CardConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$14.10
Brand: IBM
IBM Intel Single Port 1Gbps PCI-X Network Adapter W/ LONG BRACKETNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:00P4501 W/ Long Bracket / C21670-004Product TypeNetwork AdapterBrandIBM IntelInterfacePCI-XNumber Of Ports1Data Transfer Rate1GbpsConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$17.90
IBM 1Gbps Dual Port PCI-X Gigabit Network Adapter W/ Long BracketNote: Item Is With Long BracketPart Number:00P6131 W/ Long Bracket / H12819Product TypeNetwork AdapterBrandIBMInterfacePCI-XNumber Of Ports2Data Transfer Rate1GbpsConditions:Used..
Ex Tax:$23.99
Brand: ATTO
ATTO 2-Port Host Adapter Card W/ Long Bracket And TranceiverNote: Item Comes With Long Bracket & Tranceiver (Part # FTLF8524P2BNL)               Part Number:0114-PCBX-002Product Type:Host Adapter CardBrandATTONumbers Of Port2-PortConditions:Seller Refurbis..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Brand: ATTO
Atto Single Port 8Gbps PCI-E Fibre Channel Card W/ Long BracketNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:0231-PCBX-001 W/ Long BracketProduct TypeFibre Channel CardBrandAttoInterfacePCI-ENumber Of Port1Data Transfer Rate8GbpsCondition:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$97.99
Brand: ATTO
Atto Dual Port 8Gbps Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter W/ Long BracketNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:0233-PCBX-001 W/ Long Bracket / E227809 / 0233-PCBX-001Product TypeHost Bus AdapterBrandAttoNumber Of Port2Data Transfer Rate8GbpsCondition:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$64.90
Brand: IBM
IBM Dual Port 4Gbps Fibre Channel PCI-X 2.0 Network HBA W/ Long BracketNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:03N5029 W/ Long Bracket / H13826CProduct Type:Network AdapterBrandIBMInterfacePCI-X 2.0Numbers Of Port2Data Transfer Rate4GbpsConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$19.00
Brand: IBM
IBM 5714 1G PCI-X ISCSI TOE Ethernet Adapter W/ Long BracketNote: Item Comes With Long BracketPart Number:03N6058 W/ LONG BRACKET / 872478 / TXN310110100001Product TypeEthernet CardBrandIBMInterfacePCI-X ISCSIData Transfer Rate1GbpsConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$19.90
Brand: DataDirect
Data Direct Networks PCI-E Network CardPart Number:04-00219-301 / 04-00219-601Product TypeNetwork CardBrandData DirectInterfacePCI-EConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$31.99
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