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Brand: Nortel
Nortel Networks Artesyn 8004 850W Power SupplyPart Number:312071-C / P312071-C / 7000261-0000Product TypePower SupplyBrandNortel NetworksOutput Power850WConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$194.99
Brand: Nortel
Nortel 1Gbps 1000Base-SX Multi-Mode SFP Transceiver ModulePart Number:AA1419048-E6 / AFBR-5715PZ-NT1Product TypeTransceiver ModuleBrandNortelFeatures1Gbps 1000Base-SX Multi-Mode SFPConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$8.10
Brand: Nortel
Nortel 4550T 48 Port Ethernet Routing Switch W/O Ear BracketNote: Item Comes Without Ear BracketsNote: Item Is Used And Might Have Wear And Tear SignsPart Number:AL4500A02-E6 W/O Ear BracketProduct TypeRouting SwitchBrandNortelNumber Of Ports48Condition:Used..
Ex Tax:$93.99
Brand: Nortel
Nortel BayStack 5510-48T Switch 150W Power Supply BoardPart Number:DPS-150LPProduct Type:Power Supply BoardBrandNortelOutput Power150WConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$46.90
Brand: Nortel
Nortel BayStack 470 470W Power Supply BoardPart Number:DPSN-470AP / 2954024300Product TypePower Supply BoardBrandNortelOutput Power470WConditions:Used..
Ex Tax:$178.99
Brand: Nortel
LOT OF 2 Nortel 10GB 1-Port LC Connector Ethernet XFP Transceiver ModulePart Number:AA1403001 / SXP3100LX-N5Product TypeTransceiver ModuleBrandNortelFeatures10GB 1-Port LC Connector Ethernet XFPConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$12.50
Brand: Nortel
LOT OF 5 Nortel 1000Base-SX 850NM Fiber Channel Transceiver ModulePart Number:AA1419013-E5 / JSMR12S0033B3Product TypeTransceiver ModuleBrandNortelFeature1000Base-SX 850NM Fiber ChannelConditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$19.90
Brand: Nortel
Nortel Baystack 5510-48T 48-Port Network Switch W/ BracketNote: Item Is Used And Might Have Wear And Tear Signs.Note: This Item Has Been Formatted, Buyer Needs To Install The Software.Part Number:5510-48T / AL1001A03-E5 / BS5510-48TProduct TypeNetwork SwitchBrandNortelNumber Of Ports48Condition:Sell..
Ex Tax:$59.90
Brand: Nortel
Nortel Network 48-Port 10/100 EDGE Switching ModuleNote: Item Is Used And Might Have Wear And Tear Signs.Part Number:8648TXE / P211684-AProduct Type:Switching ModuleBrandNortel NetworksNumbers Of Port48Conditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$97.99
Brand: Nortel
Nortel Networks 2230 Wireless Access PointPART NUMBER216523-APRODUCT TYPEWireless Access PointBRANDNortelFEATURENetworks 2230 Wireless Access PointCONDITIONS:SELLER REFURBISHED..
Ex Tax:$25.00
Brand: Nortel
Nortel Networks 8 Port GBIC ModuleNote: Item Is Used And Might Have Wear And Tear Signs.Part Number:8608GBE / P211670-AProduct Type:GBIC ModuleBrandNortel NetworksNumbers Of Port8Conditions:Seller Refurbished..
Ex Tax:$119.80
Brand: Nortel
Nortel RLSE 03 ANLG M/WLC Networks Card ModulePart Number:NT8D09CA / NNTEMENC71P2N / M200610Product TypeNetworks Card ModuleBrandNortelConditions:Used..
Ex Tax:$29.90
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