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0-Hours HPE 1.6TB NVMe X4 Mixed Use 2.5in SCN DS SSDNote: Item Has Blank Tray Attached And Does Not Have HP Blue Sticker.Part Number:875597-B21 / 870344-003Product Type:SSD DriveBrandHPCapacity1.6TBUsuage Of Hours0-HoursForm Factor2.5 InchesConditions:New Bulk..
Ex Tax:$229.00
0-Hours HPE 1TB NVME DC SFF 2.5" SC Solid State DrivePart Number:877984-B21 / 880241-001 / 877709-001 / SSDPE2KX010T7Product TypeSolid State DriveBrandHPECapacity1TBInterfaceNVMEForm Factor2.5"Usage Of Hours0-HoursConditions:New Bulk..
Ex Tax:$299.00
0-Hours HPE 3.2TB NVMe U.2 Mixed Use 2.5" SC Solid State DrivePart Number :877998-B21 / 880246-001 / 880246-001 / 877710-003Product TypeSolid State DriveBrandHPECapacity3.2TBInterfaceNVMEForm Factor2.5"Usage Of Hours0-HoursConditions:New Bulk..
Ex Tax:$599.00
0-Hours HPE 12TB SAS 12Gbps Midline 7.2K LFF LP 512e DS Hard DrivePart Number :881781-B21 / 868210-001 / 877029-002 / 877030-001 / 0F29534 / MB012000JWDFD / TRAY# 882398-001Product Type:Hard DriveBrandHPECapacity:12TBInterfaceSASForm Factor3.5"Usage OF HourO HourConditions:New Bulk..
Ex Tax:$399.00
0-Hour HP MSA2 146GB 15K SAS 3G 3.5" Hard DrivePart NumberAJ735A / 481271-001 / 480937-001Product TypeHard DriveBrandHPCapacity146GBInterfaceSASForm Factor3.5"Usage Of Hours0-HourData Transfer Rate3GbpsConditionNew Bulk..
Ex Tax:$59.99
0-Hour HP 1TB 7.2K SAS 6G DP 3.5'' Hard DrivePart Number :AP861A / 606228-001 / 605474-001Product TypeHard DriveBrandHPCapacity1TBForm Factor3.5"Usage Of Hours0 HourData Transfer Rate6GbpsConditions:New Bulk..
Ex Tax:$53.90
HP 400GB NVMe PCIe MU 2.5" Solid State DriveNote:(With Tray And 0-Hours On The Drives, No Blue Sticker)Part Number:765034-B21 / SSDPE2ME400G4PHProduct TypeSolid State DriveBrandHPCapacity400GBInterfaceNVMe PCIeFrom Factor2.5"Usage Of Hours0-HoursConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$89.00
0-Hour HP 400GB SATA ME 6G 2.5" Solid State DrivePart Number:691866-B21 / 692166-001 / 691842-003Product TypeSolid State DriveBrandHPCapacity400GBInterfaceSATAForm Factor2.5"Usage Of Hours0-HoursData Transfer Rate6GbpsConditions:New Bulk..
Ex Tax:$109.00
0-Hour HP 450GB 15K SAS 12G SC 2.5" Hard DrivePart Number:759210-B21 / 748385-002 / 759547 -001Product TypeHard DriveBrandHPCapacity450GBInterfaceSASForm Factor2.5"Hours Of Usage0-HoursData Transfer Rate12GbpsConditionsNew Bulk..
Ex Tax:$75.99
0-Hour HP 4TB 7.2K SATA 6G MDL SC 3.5" Hard DriveNote: Item Has Blank Tray Attached, No Blue Sticker.Part Number:693687-B21 / 693720-001Product TypeHard DriveBrandHPCapacity4TBInterfaceSATAForm Factor3.5"Usage Of Hours0-HourData Transfer Rate6GbpsConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$69.99
0-Hours HP 4TB 7.2K SATA Midline 512e 6G 3.5" Hard DrivePart Number:861744-B21/ 846520-001 / 862135-001Product TypeHard DriveBrandHPCapacity4TBInterfaceSATAForm Factor3.5"Data Transfer Rate6GbpsConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$137.99
0-Hours HP 480GB SATA 6G Value Endurance SC 2.5'' Solid State DriveNote: Item Has Blank Tray Attached.Part Number:756620-002 / 757371-001 / 756657-B21Product TypeSolid State DriveBrandHPCapacity480GBInterfaceSATAFrom Factor2.5"Usage Of Hours0-HoursData Transfer Rate6GbpsConditions:New Other..
Ex Tax:$89.99
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